Summer 2016

Sooner farm is a happening place in the summer time. We had our friends, John and Karen, out from St. Louis and we had a wonderful time showing them around, swimming, and gathering some rocks from my sister. Sissy is relandscaping her backyard and she was thrilled to share her rocks.

Potato Patch

Potato Patch

Our garden is a lot of work but it is paying off in spades. We are getting lots of beets, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, zucchini, tomatoes, and potatoes.

The beans, okra, peppers, and black eyed peas are almost ready.  I am putting up beets, zucchini, and tomatoes already.  Doug has rigged up a system with our sump pump to water the garden. It pays to be married to an engineer.  It is a clever way to water for free.  We have spring that runs under the house.
We had peaches for the first time off our trees. They were small but soooo sweet. Sooner Farm Peach Preserves are very tasty.  It was satisfying to work them up.

We camped at Lake Monroe in Indiana over the 4th of July. We got rained out but not before we had a lot of family fun. My sister and three of her kids (Becky, Rachel, and Rena) and their families joined us. matching kids We had a blast tubing on the lake in Rachel and David’s new boat.hostsThe only thing better than having a boat is having a niece with a fabulous boat!
floating 2dinnergirls 2david and jennarachel and sissybecky and david

chuck and kidsryan and willadam and jenna

Jennifer and her boys came home with us after the 4th of July trip fish feedingand Kimbrell and her daughter joined us the next weekend.  Having all the kids here was so much fun.  We swam everyday, rode around on the

ranger, and ate ourselves silly.
One of Jennifer’s friends from high school who lives in Columbus came down with her twin boys late in the week and things got crazy.  The kids loved feeding the fish and the pond in general was a big draw.Pond 2  We even had fireworks a couple of evenings, if you can call fountains, poppers, and tanks fireworks. They were thrilling to the five and six year old set.  
 DSCN6950 DSCN6939 Fun at pondCrossbow outingFireworks
Maureen, Kimby and Jennifer decided that they wanted to paddle board on the wind surfer.

Hilarity ensued with that endeavor.  I require the kids to wear life jackets on the dock so as the mommies were paddle boarding some one “accidentally” fell in the water and the next thing I knew kids were swimming in the pond.  I think Will had a lot of fun with his friends, probably more fun than he would have had with just us.  The next morning we just went down to the pond with bathing suits on.DSCN6903 We have a little paddle boat and we let the boys take it out without an adult, they were tied to the dock but they still thought they were big stuff.
Caleb is Doug’s mini-me. If that kid grew a beard he could be Doug, and he loves his “gandad”.  He follows Doug around all the time.  Doug could not step foot out the door without the little man. He loves cars too.  He thinks the cosy coupe is a real car. Oddly he also likes to sweep.  Will is consumed with Battle Bots right now.  He helped me with my brackets.  I have Bronco to win it all.  Kimby thinks we should build our own Battle Bot and Will is all for it.


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