September 9th, 2013

It is hard to see how busy we have been, but things are really happening on our new home. You can see the guys from S and S Pole Barn are nearly done. We are waiting for garage doors, but they are on the way. I took a picture of the outside and you can see, we are going to be living in the Sooner Farm pole barn house pretty soon, soon being a relative term.
Doug and I made a road trip to Washington, IN to look at flooring. Ty at Premier Flooring and Millworks was fabulous. He is going to be able to help us with our flooring needs big time. We have picked out hardwood for the living and dining area and vinyl tiles for the kitchen and our bathroom. We are going with sheet goods in the bathroom that connects to the pool. That room is going to get a work out and I am hoping that I picked out something that will be a bit less slick. He has some carpet that I like for our bedroom and the bunk room, but I cannot decide on the color. I am thinking I may go with a teal color for the bunk room because then I can decorate with anything from a pirate theme to a farm theme in there and change things around without it being totally boy or girl. Doug told me I can have any color I want in our bedroom and I am really tempted to go with my favorite color PURPLE. He says that is ok with him, but the teal is so pretty I might go with that. However last night I dreamed of orange, a color I really am not all that fond of, but in my dream it was light and tropical and fun so who knows what I will pick?
We ordered some lights for the main living area this weekend. That was pretty exciting. We went back and forth between an industrial look and a dark woody look for the light fixtures. The woody look is kind of lodge like and I really like them. We have not been able to make any lighting choices for the bathrooms yet. I think we just have not found the right thing yet. The basement bathroom will be easy. We will go to some big box store that is having a sale and get the least expensive thing we find, however the upstairs bathrooms need something a bit special to us. I love the master bath in this house. Doug built the vanity and it is pretty special. The lights are bright and I can see to put my makeup on. I want to love my new bathroom too.
Doug is really working hard to get the wiring and plumbing done so he can start the drywall. He has been trying to get with the geo-thermal guy so we can start the duct work. Doug is talking to drywall finishers. He and Keaton may start putting up drywall on the ceilings this week. The ceiling in the main living area is vaulted so it will be lots of fun for them. I am going to Jennifer’s this week so I will miss that fun.
We are getting some mundane stuff taken care of too. We got smoke detectors and a doorbell this weekend. I tried to get paint for the front door but they did not have it at Wal-Mart. Note to self…think before you leave urban area, is there anything else you might need in the next few days?
I came home to put out twenty bags and four boxes of stuff for pick up by a charity on Monday. Doug may not have been here to help me go through stuff, but I still found lots of stuff I decided we did not need to move. Then I canned about 25 pints of tomato stuff and made grape jelly. I finished a quilt. Tomorrow I need to mow before I leave. I am back to the farm tomorrow and then off to Jennifer’s.
We are both working hard to make our Sooner Farm dream come true. Doug is just doing more of the heavy usual! LOL I always say he is a beaver and has to stay busy. He is in full busy mode and that makes him very happy and maybe a little tired.


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