September 2nd, 2013


017Doug came home to spend the long weekend with me. That is the good news, the bad news is that he came home covered in poison ivy so we did not get all our planned tasks done, in fact we didn’t even set foot in the back of the basement. We had thought we would sort through all kinds junk to get rid of. He does seem to be getting better so that is good. Saturday he felt good enough to ride down to St. James, MO to get grapes for jelly. Doug loves the wineries, so he did a couple of tastings while we were there. Lucky for him, I just don’t care for wine so I was happy to drive him around. The grapes are wonderful down there and the jelly I have already made is very tasty. When I was a kid, we would stop and get grapes on our way home from visiting family in Oklahoma. We would eat so many the rest of the way back to Illinois we would practically make ourselves sick.

Our house actually looks like a house now. The guys are very scary up on the roof, but as you can see that is pretty much finished. The siding will start going on soon. They put up a thermal wrap on the sides of the house and with the windows in the breezes are pretty much stifled. I am hoping it cools down or we are going to cook inside the house. Doug needs more wire to complete the wiring, but you can see that I really did some of the electrical work myself. Doug continues to assure me I am competent as long as I follow his directions.

Before I left Crossville Doug and I did a little shopping in Evansville. I think we have found our granite. We went to Cutting Edge Granite and Gerald Embry was a huge help. I really like the exotic stones because you just don’t see them everywhere you go and they are generally more interesting. However with so much counter top we need to be reasonable about price. Well, Gerald told us about some exotics that are being closed out and cost about the same as run of the mill granite. We did not have much choice but fortunately for us I think we have found a winner. Okay, there were actually no choices, but the one exotic that was left will work perfectly in our kitchen. I believe we are going to enjoy working with Cutting Edge.

Doug plans to really get busy on plumbing and finish up the electrical this week. Leonard and the guys from S & S Pole Barn are going to side the house. These guys are awesome and doing a great job for us. When our new neighbors see us, they all comment on how fast the house is going up. It is pretty amazing.

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