October 8, 2015

Sooner Farm has been a very busy place for the last couple of months. Doug is closing in on finishing up a lot of projects and boy does it show.
We made a fabulous trip to Yellowstone and the Badlands in August. Please sit down if you know me well….. we actually camped out. Yup, in a tent on the ground the whole nine yards. Fortunately my good friend Kathy clued me in on the strategy to use with Doug. All I needed to do was repeat ” I am a princess, I do not set up camp, but I will enjoy your company while you work.” It was fun. We went from 80 degrees in the Badlands to literally freezing at Yellowstone. Kimbrell and Ryan are avid campers so we borrowed their stuff and had a ball. It was so much fun we are probably going to do it again next summer. Doug is thinking about getting a shell on his truck so we do not have to do everything all over again every time we move and not sleeping on the ground appeals to me. The blow up mattress was comfortable but it had to be dealt with every time we moved. That was a lot of work for Doug. We made a stop in Custer, South Dakota. That is really close to Mount Rushmore. We also made a run into Idaho so I could add yet another state to my list. It was a lot of driving but we had so much fun it was totally forth it!
When we came home the garden was so over grown with weeds, it took me a week to get it back into shape. It was worth the time and effort . We have had fried okra regularly since we got back and it is still so warm that it is blooming although it is a bit slower coming on. Yummy. We planted a late crop of beans and that has paid off big time too. Those late beans seem even more tender and sweet than the mid summer crop. Doug lost his mind when we were planting the garden and I have already dug 6 bushels of sweet potatoes and am only about half done digging. He does not even like sweet potatoes! I love them, both girls love them and various friends and relatives are in. The Baptist Children’s Home may end up with some too. I have canned 18 quarts and about 25 pints of tomatoes. I have enough juice in the freezer to do about 48 more half pints of grape and elderberry jelly. We actually had black-eyed peas from the garden for supper tonight. We are figuring out how to make the farm feed us. It is a ton of work, but very satisfying work for sure.
We are already planning our garden for next summer. Doug had ordered some wine grapes to plant and I have planted some concord’s for jelly. In a way we have sort of started next years crop. We will also add some raspberries and black berries in the spring. Doug is amending the soil this fall. It is exciting.
Doug has outdone himself. He finished the pool area. It was a lot of time and effort. I helped some but really Doug was amazing. Ryan and Kimbrell came out one weekend to help do the artificial grass. That was beyond me and Ryan rocked it. The rock sand bed had to be compacted. Running a plate compactor is a little like a jack hammer on steroids, or trying to harness a mammoth. The fence is up and stepping stones installed and the area between the pool and the fence has been rocked.
Then Doug turned his talents to the mud room and it is crazy good. We have red baskets for gloves and scarves and hats. The cubbies are for shoes and boots, a shelf for hats is wonderful too. The hooks are great for coats and jackets. Really he did a fabulous job. Every one who walks in the door is blown away and so am I. Thanks honey, I love my Sooner Farm mud room.
All this and Doug has still done more. Today he plowed the back yard where we had to re-contour for the pool. He planted winter rye to hold the soil till we can plant or sprig grass in the spring. He is a wonder just busy all the time.
I may have to post pics later my busy husband installed Windows 10 and I am not certain I can figure it all out. Wish me luck.

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