May 30, 2015

Sooner Farm has had quite a fun week. The pool is up and full of fun. Doug and I have been swimming everyday. It still needs a bunch of landscaping, but that is in the works. No one seems to mind because the water is warm and inviting.

Wednesday we hosted the Carmi high school book club and Doug and I were reminded of the days when our girls had their friends over in Manchester. The girls swam, paddle boated, had a scavenger hunt, hot dogs cooked on Doug’s new grill, and tons of fun. Grandma Jenny joined in the party. That’s my sister or Sissy to me. The kids brought food and fun for all of us. My grand niece Tabby organized the party so Doug and I got to have lots of fun and no work. We thought that was a pretty good deal.

Friday Ryan, Kimbrell and their little girl joined us out here. Ryan’s parents came too so it was a house full of grandparents. The little one thought that was wonderful. Apparently it is pretty neat to be in a crowd of people that love you. She loved swimming with all of us. She loved the water so much we had to drag her out of pool.

Saturday morning our granddaughter couldn’t wait to get back in water. Her cousin Jena, from Nashville, Tennessee, came out to play with her. Then things really got crazy. After lunch Maggie, my great, great, niece, had her 5th birthday party at Sooner Farm. She had lots of friends join our crew for the second pool party of the week. Friends and family made for a great time. Her Granny, my niece Becky made her the most adorable pink flip flop cake. We were very worried about rain spoiling our fun. The party was over at three and fortunately for Maggie and the whole crowd, the rain held off until then.

We had a great dinner and all the Rakestraws departed for St. Louis. All in all I think we had quite a week at Sooner Farm.

Next week will be another biggie. Jennifer reports that the eggs have developed air sacks which means that hatching is near. That also means we will be off to Jennifer’s to meet the swans I hope. There is no guarantee they will hatch, but Jennifer has done a ton of work and research and I hope it pays off. Unfortunately there is very little info on hatching swan eggs so most of this has been done by guess and by golly. Cross your fingers that our next report is that we have met the swans.

FYI Kimbrell took some pictures while she was here so hopefully she will share them in the next week or so and I can post them.

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