May 15, 2015

Now it is time for my report. Jennifer had some cool pictures in the body of her Swan Report, but I need them separated out to post them so that will have to come later. Doug is crazy excited about his swans. I am fearful they are just going to fall prey to the many predators we have on Sooner Farm. We don’t really welcome the coyotes and foxes but they were here first. If things go well I am going to try to find peacock eggs next spring. I loved the peacocks at my Aunt Margrie’s and Uncle L.B.’s ranch when I was a kid. They were great watch dogs and oh so beautiful!
Things are hopping out here. Doug is trying to get the pool open and he is working on the backhoe all the time. They yard is and getting worse every day. The truth is you have to bury all kinds of pipes and that involves digging trenches and then filling back in. Rocks are going in or just moved about for various landscaping projects. All this activity is going to make things look great eventually, right now not so much! We planted about a hundred sweet potato plants, okra, black eyed peas, beets, and carrots. Tomatoes are in the works. The elder berries look good too. Maybe they will produce this year. I sure hope so. I did a little flower garden this week that almost brought tears to my eyes. We planted mosquito deflecting flowers in a little patch by the pool. Over the years when we visited Aunt Margrie’s in Oklahoma, Doug helped me pick up rocks from “Granny’s bottom”. That is what we called a particular part of the ranch where my own granny lived and we visited every summer when I was a kid. They were part of the landscaping at our home in St. Louis and now they are a lovely addition to Sooner Farm.
We are happy to report that Quack is doing well, the sad proof is all the goose poop on the dock. Gross. Quack may be getting use to us. When we paddle boat on the pond in the evening, he no longer gets out of the water and acts like we are aliens from another universe. He may not be swimming up to the boat, but he paddles companionably at a distance.
Kimbrell and Ryan are getting settled in their new home. We had a lot of fun helping them get moved in. We helped them do few projects and watched shorty while they were busy. I love their new neighborhood. I literally walked about 20 miles pushing her in the stroller. That little granddaughter is getting on my last nerve. She must say “Ganda” ten times for every one time she says “Ganny”. But I am not bitter!
We will get to spend some time with Will and Caleb when the swans hatch in early June or late May. Caleb is so big he is off the charts and Will is talking up a storm. I don’t think Caleb will be very impressed with the cygnets, but I think that Will will love them. I suspect Adam’s forks will come sown when we are there because Jennifer reported that Gary was very enthusiastic about the swan eggs. She said he was a huge help in getting the incubator set up. Will is such a funny little guy nothing makes him happier than having two grannies and granddads there at the same time. It is so adorable. I guess he knows you cannot have too many people who love you.

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