March 13, 2015


Doug and I are back from Columbus where we met our newest grandson, Caleb Lisy.  He is a fine little fellow, but really not so little.  The little man is already wearing 6 month size clothes, he is a long fellow and at ten days tops 10 pounds.  Thankfully we had a full complement of grammies and grandpas on hand to welcome him into the world.  Adam’s folks were there with us and Will, the big brother, was delighted.  He liked his little brother, but he loved having two grammies and two grandpas there best of all.  It was so sweet and a reminder of how important extended family is to kids.  We are very fortunate Jennifer has plenty of room and is in easy driving distance now.  All in all it was a great trip.


We came home to biblical rains and a sea of mud, but today the sun came out.  We took full advantage of it and moved some fruit trees that we had grown from twigs to the “orchard”.  Sadly we cannot identify which tree is what.  We are pretty sure we moved an apricot and plum tree, hopefully we can identify them by their blooms this year.  At any rate when they bear fruit I am sure I can figure out what they are.  We were muddy messes when we got done and had to hit the hot tub when we finished but we are no worse for the wear and it was nice to be outside on a warm day.  Last week in Columbus we were driving around on scary icy roads.  We desperately need to plant more grass, but Doug has a lot more grading to in the back and it has to dry out a lot before that can happen.  We have so much work to do on the outside I am sure we will have a very busy spring and summer.  Can’t wait to get to it!


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