June 27, 2015

Captain of his own fate master of his own ship!

Captain of his own fate master of his own ship!

Sooner Farm has been a busy place lately. The girls were both here with their kids and little ones sure keep the place hopping. Will actually caught his first fish, but certainly not his last. The pond is full of little blue gill that must be pretty stupid. Most days you toss in a line and they jump on the hook. Kimbrell and her Daddy also got into the act and caught a couple of catfish that we actually had for dinner. Doug and I skinned and filleted them and I fried them up. Two fed us all. They were pretty tasty.

We also got the paddle boat out and Will loved it! Kimbrell’s little girl thought it was awesome too. Life jackets are a must. Both girls were worried the kids would not want to wear them, but it was no problem. The rule was simple you want to go down to the pond you put on your life jacket and they were happy to wear them in order to fish or boat. They thought feeding the fish was a treat too. Will played on the dock with his granddad after the rest of us came back to the house. I looked out and saw Will in the boat alone, I nearly flipped out. Then I realized Doug had tied to boat to the dock and let Will take it “out “alone. It was pretty funny the little man thought he was on a great big adventure. When we paddled the boat he would hang his feet or hands in the water and think he was big stuff.

The pool has a big shallow end and Will refused to let us hold onto him or wear water wings or anything like that. By the end of the week he had nearly learned to swim. He went back home and was swimming in just a few days. He did know he could not go out in the deep end without an adult and was very cooperative about that. Kimbrell’s little girl loved it too and never stopped being amazed when someone popped up from under the water. A couple of swims a day makes for very tired kids that sleep well at night.

Speaking of sleeping, Will is quite a problem solver. He slept with Doug and I the first night or two. The big perk in our room was the television. He could watch a show before he fell asleep and he thought that was cool. He felt a bit crowded by us, could it be it was the other way around. That fellow wants to occupy 90% of the bed. I am not sure how he takes up so much space. He is on the big size for his age, but he is still a four year old boy. Sooo before bed he goes into Jennifer’s room and gets the old flip chair that was his mom’s when she was in college and drags it into our bedroom and asks for a cover. Problem solved everyone is happy!

Doug has not installed the light in the pool yet. The liner is very dark and let me tell you it is very spooky to swim at night. I don’t know if it is actually because of the dark liner or something else, but the moonlight appears to reflect off the surface of the pool and it seems like you are swimming in a bottle of ink. Very cool!

The swan eggs did not hatch. They did develop for a while, but stopped for some reason. Jennifer deserves credit for trying her best, but there was just not enough info on how to take care of the eggs. On a better note Quack is back with us most of the time. We came home from Kimby’s a couple of weeks ago and he was gone. We were afraid the eagle had returned and this time succeeded. Nope ……this is how it went down. Our neighbors have a pond too. Quack is cheating on us! He goes to their pond to visit. What is wrong with our pond? I cannot believe Quack is so disloyal.

Pictures to follow.

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