December 16, 2015

We are getting ready for Christmas at Sooner Farm. Just in time because Jennifer and her boys are coming a few days before Adam joins our merry band. Kimby IMG_1460and her family will get here about the same time as Adam. My sister and her crew will join us Christmas Eve. A house full of family makes for the best Christmas memories. We are blessed with a bunch of little ones and they definitely add to the holiday spirit.

We have our tree up. My great, great niece Maggie did most of the tree trimming. It was a treat for me to decorate with her. She found an ornament with her baby picture and asked me about my ornaments. I told her that every ornament had been given to us by friends or family and that most were actually made by someone we know. I told her many were made by my mother and lots by my girls when they were little. Our tree is full of memories and I remember each maker as we add the ornaments. Some have seen better days and she pointed that out to me. But when we were done the adorable kindergartener announced that my tree looked pretty. I thanked her and she said she was a good decorator and she put all the “bad” ones on the back. Out of the mouths of babes. Side note the one with her baby picture is front and center on the tree.

Doug has discovered the joys of deer hunting. I am not certain he really intends to shoot a deer. I am beginning to suspect that he just likes sitting in a tree for a couplIMG_1450e of hours in the afternoon. I have been making doll clothes, tie shirts, little girl dresses and quilts for the grands. It is not a secret so I can tell that Sissy and I got to spend a few days in the basement quilting quilts for each of her daughters. We see each other all the time, but our quilting time is special for both of us, just silly fun.

Doug has been his usual busy beaver self. He built our mudroom installation and it rocks. In fact it is so fabulous he built one for Jennifer too. He built shelves for the pantry that rock.IMG_1458 I have to admit I am just tossing baking stuff on them now. This winter I will have plenty of time to get them organized. The shelves in the living room look great all decorated for Christmas. I love the doors he did. We had our old tv on the floor in the basement. We could not see it well when working out and I could not see it all when sewing. It is old fashioned and cannot be wall mounted. In typical engineer fashion he figured out a turntable system so we can watch from pretty much anywhere in the basement. Announcement: Doug can do pretty much anything!



 Boomer and Sooner are getting bigger and sooo cute and busy!

Boomer and Sooner are getting bigger and sooo cute and busy!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from SoonerFarm!

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